The Moments Between Nothing and Something

The Moments Between Nothing and Something

The Moments Between Nothing and Something – Our 2016 Spring Show


Even a simple deck of cards can be shuffled in more ways than there are stars in the universe. Each performance has infinite possibilities, starting from a few basic elements.

Three English Lovers, a Musician or two, and a Projection Artist begin the show with the first impulse; not an audience suggestion, not a word or idea, but simply an impulse, stemming from the presence of everybody in the room. One movement, breath, sound or image inspires the next. From this, a chain reaction leads to stories, bits of life, poetry, music… and only at the end do we know what the show was.

Music and visual artistry join the inimitable English Lovers, to once again push the envelope, promising to take you all on a poetic, funny, and transformative roller-coaster journey into The Moments Between Nothing and Something.


In cooperation with Wien Kultur