Michael Smulik

Michael Smulik
Michael Smulik

****Michael was once a driving instructor!****

Michael Smulik was born in Port-Elizabeth, South Africa, to a bi-lingual couple (that wasn´t an offence over there) in 1975 . After a turbulent and infuriating school career, followed by an equally frustrating attempt at leading a normal life, he finally emigrated to Austria by mistake! Originally he was on his way to Holland, the land of freedom and civilisation, when he found himself broke in Vienna (who isn’t?).
Starting from scratch, he took various jobs, but found himself bored, over-educated and under-challenged. Taking the advice of a girlfriend, he decided to try out for the Konservatorium der Stadt Wien drama class and was accepted. Thus began a new, turbulent and infuriating school career, culminating in expulsion from the school after three years. Michael decided to complete his training and acquired a drama diploma via the Actor’s Union. Since then he has played in every major Austrian city, and some not so major ones too, in English and German. He is now a sought after actor who also directs and writes. In 2001 he teamed up with fellow sufferer Christian Strasser and formed Christian&Michael und die Emotionale Rock-+Showband. He rents living space in Vienna.



Christian & Michael

und die EmotionaleRock- +Showband

Don´t miss the Halloween Concert at Local Bar, Heiligenstätterstr. 31/Bogen 217, 1190 Wien:

31st October 2015.



Michael will teaching at the First Film Academy and The Broadway Connection during the 2015/16 season.


On October 14th Michael will doing a reading of “Der Weg nach Damaskus” at the Hamakom Theater, Wien 1020.