HISTORYonics-Poster Web

What do you get when you take a randomly chosen style or genre and combine it with a randomly chosen period in history?


a) Medieval Science Fiction?
b) Caveman Romance?
c) Renaissance Western?
d) An unforgettable show from the English Lovers?

Right you are!

Join the Lovers as they bend space and time, put new twists on old worlds and leave you wishing that history could rewrite itself!









The (Almost) Complete History

March 15: A Musical Thriller set in 750AD- A young man caught in a web of lies concerning the remains of the Roman Empire, Nordic Gods and the Mayan Calendar as a musical!

March 16: A Western set in 2950BC- A lonely Celt must travel to the Pharaoh’s kingdom and back to learn to fight and so avenge his family by killing the man that took everything from him.

March 17: A Teen Romantic Comedy set in 1680- Paco, the young Conquistador and She Who Cannot Be Named, the daughter of the Hopi Chief, try to find love in a time of Gold lust, Haley’s Comet and Adobe High Schools…

March 18: A Musical Film Noir set in 1860: Prof. Oxford was in the wrong place at the wrong time- Hired by an evil ‘benefactor’ and tangled in a web of deceit, Oxford develops a new element, is double-crossed by the Queen, and discovers the Femme Fatale Manuela, is not at all what she seems…

March 19: A Fairy Tale set in 1950: From the suburbs to the big city, Ella is hounded by her Step-Mother and Sisters. Until that prince of a guy, James Rockefeller sees her at his birthday party wearing the ‘New Look’ from Dior and a pair of handmade Austrian shoes…

March 22: A Road Movie set in the Stone Age- After his mother is kidnapped by Neanderthals, Grok sets off on the road looking for the ‘other side’- He’s joined by the counting-philosopher Herwig, and a Mammoth called Ursula to find not only his family but perhaps his destiny as well…

March 23: A Fantasy set in 360AD- Aryn gets sidetracked on his way to Rome to be the ambassador of the Barbarians by a baby who may be the key to the balance between Good and Evil while Horny the unicorn and the beautiful Amalia help in the fight against witches, wizards, dwarves and Blathrok the 3-headed dragon…

March 24: A Romantic Drama set in 1940- The tear-filled story of a widower and a struggling writer, who despite family pressure and the impending doom of the war in Europe, find a tense, delicate love only to have it torn away by illness…

March 25: A Drama set in 560AD- Barbarians, Austro-Goths and Christians vie for power and the souls of men while the young (and effeminately-heterosexual) Argus struggles with his father’s demands and his own ironic, tragic fate.

March 26: A Musical Science-Fiction set in 1960- Who will win the Cold War fueled race to the future? The US and their mod style, the Russians and their spy, trying to heal his past or the 3 eyed Martians? It may just take a laser-sword wielding robot to save humanity…