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    Next Late Night Jam: 24th May 10.30pm

    Are you ready to ROCK?!!? The Late Night Theatre Jam is pure theatre: Every show a premiere- Amazing stories, crazy games, theatre experiments, music and more!!! Come rock with the English Lovers and their award winning mix of improvised theatre, music and big dumb fun!!! Sometimes sexy, sometimes scary, always original… Reserve now to avoid disappointment!  

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    WOW! What a blast!

    From the Golden Age of Musical to the fusions of the present, the Lovers tackled ALL of the styles, playing everything from philatelists to philanderers, Russian spies to Roman soldiers, priests to jewel thieves and dinosaurs to k.u.k officers. Yes, the final show on April 13th, the fin de serie you could say, was ‘Fin de Siecle’ – set in a

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    11th March: Unpack the Rat – Live Poor, Die Forgotten – another huge success for our Gents!

    “A crooner’s work is never done until his final song is sung.” The Gentlemen of the English Lovers grapple with their own mere-tality. Jake “Shenanigan” Banigan bemoans his lot as another birthday rolls by, and Jimmy Le B, Mike the Knife and the Big D join him in celebrating careers that peaked at sea level. Musically undermined by Klaus Erharter

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