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    Late Night Theatre Jam: Friday 10th February, at 10.30pm, Theater Drachengasse

    It’s Friday night, it’s in the bar and it’s the English Lovers off the leash! What more could you want? It’s hi jinx, high emotions and the odd high note, soul searching, ham acting and deep thought; the quest for the ultimate story, the will to soar and the grace to fail. Reserve now to avoid disappointment! There will be

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    Older but no Wiser! The English Lovers at Vienna’s English Theatre February 22nd-25th at 7.30pm

    After twenty-five years, the English Lovers have learned so much from their mistakes, they’ve decided to keep on making them! Be a part of the Lovers‘ own particular brand of theatrical insanity as they serve up improvised evenings flavoured with just that bit too much hilarity and musical hijinks.  

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    Saturday March 4th at 8pm: The Second Down-Home Hoedown & Family Folk Fest Jamboree

    Don’t bother gettin’ gussied up, shaved or sober! Just git your big behind down to the Drachengasse to enjoy a heapin’ helpin’ of home-made, never-before-heard, traditional improvised songs, performed with a complete disregard for taste or talent. We run the entire gamut from country to western. Be there. Be square.  Part of the SPURWECHSEL XVIII Theater Drachengasse Bar&Co 513 14 44

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