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    Next Late Night: 25th May at 10.30pm

    Are you ready to ROCK?!!? The LateNight Theatre Jam is pure theatre: Every show a premiere- Amazing stories, crazy games, theatre experiments, music and more!!! Come rock with the English Lovers and their award winning mix of improvised theatre, music and big dumb fun!!! Sometimes sexy, sometimes scary, always original… Reserve now to avoid disappointment!  

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    Jacob, at the Orpheum, Graz

      Don’t miss this fun event, including: Stell dir Vor es Geht das Licht Aus, by Theater im Bahnhof, 18th May at 8pm, and on Saturday 19th, the SONG CONTEST!

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    Theatersport Ländermatch Posthof!

    May 24th at 8pm Posthof Linz Der aktuelle österreichische gegen den deutschen Liga-Ersten: English Lovers aus Wien gegen das Münchner Fastfood Theater heißt die Partie im Match des Jahres – beim Länderkampf in der freundlichen Theatersport-Disziplin!

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