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    Next Late Night: 27th April at 10.30pm

    Are you ready to ROCK?!!? The LateNight Theatre Jam is pure theatre: Every show a premiere- Amazing stories, crazy games, theatre experiments, music and more!!! Come rock with the English Lovers and their award winning mix of improvised theatre, music and big dumb fun!!! Sometimes sexy, sometimes scary, always original… Reserve now to avoid disappointment!  

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    ONE NIGHT STAND now playing:

    Thursday 19th, Kathy’s Show! Kathy takes the Lovers through their paces with games, challenges, music and more; Friday 20th, Jim with Eye Tunes (bring a CD!); and finally, Saturday 21st, Smells Like a Song!

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    One Night Stand

    April 9th to 21st at 8pm, Theater Drachengasse Bar&Co 20 years of English Lovers formats! This spring, every show will be introduced and run by a different player. Lovers at the whim of Lovers! Chaos and clarity, hijinks and hilarity, passion and parody are bound to ensue. Come and scale with us the heights of manic inexplicability again … and again

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