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    The Next Late Night Jam will be on Friday 22nd November at 10.30pm

    It’s Friday night, it’s in the bar and it’s the English Lovers off the leash! What more could you want? It’s hi jinx, high emotions and the odd high note, soul searching, ham acting and deep thought; the quest for the ultimate story, the will to soar and the grace to fail. Reserve now to avoid disappointment! There will be

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    Christmas Crackers (a right royal mess!)

      Opening Monday 2nd December at 8pm, Theater Drachengasse, Tel: 01 513 14 44 Banished from the traditional holiday celebrations taking place at Windsor Castle, this distant and withered branch of the royal family tree decides to take matters into their own pale, blue-blooded hands and illuminate this most holy time of year with their own festive follies. With guests!

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    Theatre Sports! English Lovers in Linz

    Bobby Lukas has just drawn the names for day 1 of the Theatersport Meisterschaften at Posthof Linz and the English Lovers will be playing N2O-Lachgas on 4th December. Don’t miss this hilarious 4-day event!

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