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    Late Night Theatre Jam: Friday 14th October, at 10.30pm, Theater Drachengasse

    It’s Friday night, it’s in the bar and it’s the English Lovers off the leash! What more could you want? It’s hi jinx, high emotions and the odd high note, soul searching, ham acting and deep thought; the quest for the ultimate story, the will to soar and the grace to fail. Reserve now to avoid disappointment! There will be

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    The English Lovers twice at Kultursommer Wien. Open air, entrance free of charge!

      Thursday 14th July at 8pm – Muthsamgasse and Thursday 21st July at 6.30pm – Janis-Joplin-Promenade  

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    Litschau Hin&Weg Festival August 20th, 8pm at the Herrensee Theater

      Another delightful open-air event, this time on a beautiful lake, 3874 Litschau. There’s a lot going on at the ‘Tage für Zeitgenössische Theater Unterhaltung’ between the 12th and the 21st of August: theatre, music, workshops, swimming, tennis and more, so check out the whole festival.

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