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    The next Late Night: Friday 26th October at 10.30pm

    Are you ready to ROCK?!!? The Late Night Theatre Jam is pure theatre: Every show a premiere- Amazing stories, crazy games, theatre experiments, music and more!!! Come rock with the English Lovers and their award winning mix of improvised theatre, music and big dumb fun!!! Sometimes sexy, sometimes scary, always original… Reserve now to avoid disappointment!  

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    October 13th – Vienna’s English Theatre – ‘Playing On’

      WOW! Thanks to all who turned out at 10.30pm to help us find the hidden stories in the stage set of the play ‘The Lie’. It was the very first show of its kind at the English Theatre. We hope to put on more in the future!        

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    Snowed In!

    The legendary Christmas Show at Theater Drachengasse from December 3rd to 22nd at 8pm. Special guests to be announced! Join the Lovers on their Christmas holidays in a remote, rustic cabin. Unable to leave and cut off from the outside world, your beloved improvisers resort to games to keep from eating each other. Fueled by your childhood memories of Christmas and

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