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    Late Night Theatre Jam: Friday 25th November, at 10.30pm, Theater Drachengasse

    It’s Friday night, it’s in the bar and it’s the English Lovers off the leash! What more could you want? It’s hi jinx, high emotions and the odd high note, soul searching, ham acting and deep thought; the quest for the ultimate story, the will to soar and the grace to fail. Reserve now to avoid disappointment! There will be

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    The English Lovers at Vienna’s English Theatre February 22nd-25th 2023

    Expect the Unexpected! Another guest appearance at this delightful theatre in Vienna’s 8th district. The Lovers look forward to seeing you there and sharing impro moments with you! Tickets are already available.    

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    The Silver Bells Ball December 5th to 22nd at 8pm

    Why do we associate Christmas and Balls? Is it bubbles blown by children, or baubles on the tree? No… Snow globes, snowmen, snowball fights? Not really… Unexpected intimacy in front of the Yule log? Really not! It’s the promise of the chance encounter on polished parquet. Join the English Lovers as we gracefully waltz our way through scenes, songs and

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