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    The Next LateNight: April 22nd!

    Are you ready to ROCK?!!? The LateNight Theatre Jam is pure theatre: Every show a premiere- Amazing stories, crazy games, theatre experiments, music and more!!! Come rock with the English Lovers and their award winning mix of improvised theatre, music and big dumb fun!!! Sometimes sexy, sometimes scary, always original… Reserve now to avoid disappointment!  


    The Lovers Rock Vienna’s English Theatre!

    What do you get when you take a randomly chosen style or genre and combine it with a randomly chosen period in history?

    a) Medieval Science Fiction?
    b) Caveman Romance?
    c) Renaissance Western?
    d) An amazing show from the English Lovers?

    Right you are! Join the Lovers as they bend space and time, put new twists on old worlds and leave you wishing that history could rewrite itself!


    The Moments Between Nothing

    Starting on April 2nd The Lovers are back with an all new Spring Production, which will run until April 20th!

    Watch this space for updates!
    Reserve now to avoid disappointment!

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